The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

We have all heard that the kitchen is the heart of the home.  The kitchen is the hub of the domestic wheel.   Many memories are made in the kitchen from baking  fresh bread, making fresh baked cookies and then dunking them in coffee or milk,  doing our homework at the kitchen table while mom stirs the soup over the stove, or even making craft projects on a huge farm table.

Knowing that memories are important, The Neillsville Retirement Community and The Colby Retirement Community have decided to take on a joint venture and are putting together a cookbook containing recipes that have been obtained from the tenants  and families of the communities.  What better way to immortalize precious memories and togetherness than a cookbook.

At this time over 175 recipes have been submitted, and the number is growing.  The plan is to have them printed by mid-spring and distributed to each family.
As tenants and family page through the cookbook  they will have the opportunity to go down memory lane with familiar recipes.  The recipe book will be distributed at local functions and be available to anyone who takes a tour of the communities.

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