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Fun Actiivities During a Long Winter


It is turning out to be a very long winter.   The residents just can’t wait until it starts to get a little warmer because we  are looking forward to our garden and planting our flowers.  Meanwhile, we are passing the time by having fun enjoying inside activities such as music from some of our favorite people like Jerry Strack, who will be playing at our Valentine’s Day Party.  And, this month,  the UCC ladies group will be serving up some of their very tasty treats that they always bring our way. It will be very nice to hear some great music have great treats and enjoy the company of all while we await for a new spring to come.

If you are interested in how we stay busy, check out our activity calendar  on the web site!


Sue Peterson

Adventures in the Lost Canyon


The residents at  Neillsville Retirement Community took advantage of the very little nice weather in June  and went to the  Wisconsin Dells.  Our adventure  included a delicious lunch at Cracker Barrel and then on to the Lost Canyon.  We ventured into the canyon with horses and wagon, and  it was just beautiful!  Everyone had such a great time. The residents would like to go back in the fall to see it when the leaves are changing, so that will be on our fall agenda.

Back at the community, the residents planted our vegetable garden.  The little garden is doing OK considering all the rain that we have been getting.  The  residents can’t wait for the fresh cucumbers  and tomatoes!

Sue Peterson

Executive Director

Neillsville Retirement Community

1211 Lloyd St

Neillsville, WI 54456


Valentine’s Day Bash


What a wonderful Valentine’s party we had last week.   We had colorful valentines, great music by Jerry Strack and lots of tasty goodies provide to us by the hard working UCC ladies group. We loved having many friends from the community join us in the reveling.  Fun was had by all.  What a great party to help liven up the cold winter day!

Coming in March we will be hosting a Bring Your Friend to Lunch Day.  What a great opportunity for the residents of Neillsville Retirement to show off their beautiful home.  We are hoping for a great turn out. Let’s not forget St. Patrick’s Day on March17th when we will be having our Shamrock Day! We will be hunting for that pot of gold treats! Clues for everyone are left to see who can find the pot of treats first.

Also, Bonnie will be making corned beef and cabbage for lunch.  Everyone can’t forget to wear green. One of the residents claims that when she was a child folk lore said that if you didn’t wear green someone would come up and pinch you!

Even though we are all looking forward to spring coming , we are staying very busy here at Neillsville Retirement Community!


The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

We have all heard that the kitchen is the heart of the home.  The kitchen is the hub of the domestic wheel.   Many memories are made in the kitchen from baking  fresh bread, making fresh baked cookies and then dunking them in coffee or milk,  doing our homework at the kitchen table while mom stirs the soup over the stove, or even making craft projects on a huge farm table.

Knowing that memories are important, The Neillsville Retirement Community and The Colby Retirement Community have decided to take on a joint venture and are putting together a cookbook containing recipes that have been obtained from the tenants  and families of the communities.  What better way to immortalize precious memories and togetherness than a cookbook.

At this time over 175 recipes have been submitted, and the number is growing.  The plan is to have them printed by mid-spring and distributed to each family.
As tenants and family page through the cookbook  they will have the opportunity to go down memory lane with familiar recipes.  The recipe book will be distributed at local functions and be available to anyone who takes a tour of the communities.

2013 Ringing in the New Year

Neillsville van IIWe rang in the New Year with some milder weather but it sure did turn cold.  Thankfully we have many visitors and social events scheduled here at Neillsville Retirement Community to keep everyone busy while they stay warm and cozy.    All the residents are really looking forward to some warmer weather so we can enjoy visits to the casino and local restaurants in our snappy new van!

And then there is Valentine’s Day to look forward to with Jerry Strack playing our favorite songs and the UCC Ladies joining us with pies and other goodies.  Check out our events calendar for all the details.

Soon we will check out what the ground hog says about our quickly approaching spring!

Sue Peterson ED

Happy Holidays

We wish everyone a safe and happy Holidays with family and friends.  We will be enjoying the holidays here at the Neillsville Retirement Community.  We now have our new van which we all have been looking forward to.  The van has more room for more residents and a wheelchair lift for those who need it.  The residents will be getting out to see the sparkling Christmas Lights here in Neillsville and Marshieild.   Lights were put up at the zoo over  and you just drive by to enjoy all of the them.

We are still making our weekly outing to the casino,and our weekly lunches at a local restaurant.  Neillsville Retirement Community is buzzing with all kinds of fun happenings during this wonderful holiday season.

Hope Santa is good to one and all, Happy Holidays from all of us to all of you.

Sue Peterson

Executive Director

November Thanks

The residents at Neillsville Retirement Community have been very busy this fall.  They are enjoying our weekly casino trips and even thogsh some days we are luckier then others, everyone has fun.  In October the residents enjoyed the bonus of a  beautiful, colorful ride to Black River Casino.  And, on our Wednesdays, we have been enjoying going out for lunch.  We try to pick a different restaurant each week so we can try every delicious eatery in Neillsville. Every Wednesday afternoon we have our happy hour where the residents can leisurely socialize and enjoy the beverages and snack

November is the month for giving thanks so the residents and their families will be gathering on Wednesday, November  21s, , to enjoy  pumpkin pie.   Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Fall Fun

Fall is now upon us and what a beautiful time of year it is.  Although most days are too cold to sit outside, our residents are enjoying each others company and enjoying the daily activities we have inside.

Our residents are dusting off their lucky charms because we are now scheduling monthly trips to the casino.  During this fall season everyone can enjoy the beautiful fall foliage on our ride to the casino.  We will also be having lunch while there.  We wish all the residents good luck!

And for those who don’t wish to go to the casino we will be doing fun activities here.  Every Wednesday we have our happy hour with drinks and delicious snacks. Dominoes and bingo are also very popular with residents  along.  And let’s not forget those foot stomping events with Phil John and Jerry.  On Halloween we get to enjoy all those ghoulish little trick or treaters.


April brought cold weather back so the residents are enjoying staying inside and working on their domino game.  Everyone loves  listening to the great music we have scheduled and, we can’t forget about our happy hour every Wednesday that has become a favorite for all.   

All the residents are hoping that soon the weather will be warming up so that we can get our beautiful flowers hanging out front again. Everyone will be able to sit out front and enjoy the beautiful weather while having great conversation with each other.  Did we mention the lemonade and cookies?

Happy Spring!!

New Year Off to a Great Start

What great weather we have had so far this year!  Before we know it spring will be in the air.  Our residents look forward to enjoying the great spring weather and using our beautiful gazebo, especially with our new sidewalk that leads us to it.   Although we look forward to spring,  the residents are now enjoying our happy hours every Wednesday afternoons with snacks, beverages, entertainment and all the friendship and good company you could want.  And, stay tuned for the domino tournament that we are having on February 13th  & 14th!  The residents are practicing their domino skills and are really looking forward to having a lot of fun.

Sue Peterson, Executive Director